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Nov 5, 2012 6:00am PST
will be in sanford and the first lady in orlando. two sides trying to seal the deal. mark potter is in tampa. he joins me now. mark, i keep hearing it's about hillsborough county and orange county. one is about turnout among port recons puerto ricans and the other is it's a swing county. >> the bell bewether of bellwethers. they are rarely wrong about that. >> reporter: it's why both campaigns have their state headquarters here. florida in general is a huge prize. it's a richly diverse state. 29 electoral votes and the cann candidates are working hard now to get out the vote. president obama was in hollywood, florida. governor romney in sanford, florida, today trying to energize their base and engage the independents here for which florida is famous particularly in this area in central florida along the i-4 corridor connecting tampa to orlando, which you mentioned, and over to daytona beach. so far more than 4.5 million flo floridians have already voted. the democrats lead in the voting at the polls. the republicans in the absentees but the gap between them is dwarfed by those independents. that
Nov 7, 2012 7:00pm EST
. a little deja vu. mark potter is where they're still counting ballots in dural. mark? >> reporter: at the miami-dade elections office the ballot count went into a second day. florida voters who were standing in line when the polls closed last night were promised they would still get a chance to vote. and in nine counties spread throughout the state those lines continued long past closing time, some into the wie houee hf the morning even though some had cast their votes before the election. >> again, we are the laughing stock. it's the process. >> reporter: in ft. myers, a distraught elections supervisor promised to do better next time. >> and to those who got discouraged and left without voting, moving forward i will do whatever it takes to ensure that this does not happen again in our county. >> reporter: elections officials blame delays on a lengthy ballot filled with 11 state constitutional amendment questions and on lots of absentee ballots. angry voters call it on a lack of workers and equipment. >> i don't know why there weren't more machines to print the ballots on. >> i th
Nov 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
with mark potter in tampa, florida, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, brian, florida is a political prize with the 29 electoral votes, making it a rich, diverse state, making it a political bellweather for much of the country. today, many voted after sometimes waiting in long lines. early voting at the polls ended saturday officially, but many still lined up today to fill out absentee ballots. today, governor romney was near orlando, florida, yesterday, president obama was in south florida. both are trying to energize their bases and engage the independents here, who are particularly strong in central florida, the democrats say they have the better ground game. the republicans say they have a stronger economic message here in a state hit hard by unemployment and foreclosures. >> mark potter, in florida, and tom costello with us from richmond, virginia, tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi there, brian, this state with the 13 electoral votes used to be republican, but of course went for president obama in 2008 and it is still very much in play here this year. we can also
Nov 21, 2012 11:00am PST
shopping day of the year. nbc's mark potter joins us now live from miami with more on this one. what's the reasoning behind wanting to put it out front and center on black friday? >> reporter: well, that's because there will be so many people out there to hear about it, see the protesters and hear their message. these protests are planned around the country and walmart has been trying to stop them using the federal government and the courts, although early indications are now it won't succeed in that. meantime as you were alluding to, it's no accident that the protests scheduled for the start of the busy holiday shopping season. >> we are the workers! the mighty walmart work earls! >> reporter: a few of the protests have begun. >> we're fighting for our justice! >> reporter: this one tuesday outside a walmart supercenter near los angeles. store workers and supporters are complaining about what they claim are low wages, short hours and retaliation for complaining. >> wages they pay are very low. sometimes we have to rely on family help, we have to work with relatives to make ends mote
Nov 5, 2012 8:00am PST
's got a big rally here tonight. let's head south to mark potter in tampa. >> hi, ron. florida is a huge political prize with its rich diversity and 29 electoral votes and both sides are fighting hard now to get out the vote here in this very tight race in florida. president obama was in hollywood, florida yesterday. governor romney started his day in sanford, florida. they're trying to attract the independent voters here. they are the ones who can turn the election. they're very important here in central florida along the i-4 corridor, connecting tampa with orlando and daytona beach. so far, 4.5 million floridans have already voted. more than a third of the electorate amid very long lines and complaints from democrats that there were not enough places. a lawsuit to that was filed. democrats said they have the best ground game, but the republicans say they have the best message of economic change in a state hard hit by the downturned economy. currently are higher unemployment than the rest of the nation and record foreclosures. thomas, back to you. >> mark, thanks so much and a big thank
Nov 24, 2012 5:00am PST
. as mark potter reports, that has plenty of people dreaming of winning big. >> reporter: when power ball gets to be this big, it's the stuff of dreams and about the millions of dollars someone is about to take home and millions of people who dream they will be that lucky someone. >> always the dream. >> never know. >> reporter: power ball began 20 years ago and is played in 42 states, plus the district of columbia and the virgin islands. the current jackpot of $325 million is the fourth largest in the game's history. the chances of winning it are about one in 175 million. if you do win and win it alone, here are your option in this game of numbers. you can take a one-time cash payment of nearly $213 million and pay taxes on it, or you take 30 annual payments, averaging about $11 million and pay taxes on them. most winners take the lump sum. it's not the full amount, but it's not chump change either. and it's still a fine return on a $2 ticket. the largest power ball jackpot was shared in 2006 by eight workers at a nebraska meat-packing plant. their winning ticket bought together, won a $
Nov 21, 2012 7:00am PST
be brewing for one of the biggest ones of all. walmart. mark potter is live in doral, florida this morning. mark, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. about a thousand protests are scheduled around the country and walmart is trying to stop them. most of them will be happening on the busiest shopping day of the year. >> we are the workers! the mighty walmart workers! >> a few of the protests have begun. >> this one tuesday out outside a walmart near los angeles. store workers and stoare complaining about hours and retaliati retaliation. >> the wages are low. sometimes we have to rely on family help. >> they're very good with the prices. but the prices are coming out our pockets. >> some are upset about working on thanksgiving when walmart begins special sales at 8:00 p.m. >> they say they care about associates and want what's best for them. because if it was, we wouldn't be working on thanksgiving. >> walmart workers who are nonunion plan to hold strikes and protests at a thousand locations around the country on black friday, the day after thanksgiving. their goal is not to shut down st
Nov 17, 2012 5:00am PST
is reflecting on the year since she's disappeared. nbc's mark potter has the story. >> reporter: another search this month for orlando mom michelle parker. missing for a year now with no approvable explanation for her disappearance, no trace of her whereabouts. parker vanished the day her pre-taped appearance on "the people's court" tv show aired publicly. she was on the show arguing with her ex-fiance dale smith over the cost of a missing engagement ring. smith is the father of two of parker's children and is the last known person to have seen her alive after she dropped off the kids at his house. this devastates her mother. >> i describe it as being at a funeral every single day. every hour of every day. and it never goes away. you can't get away from it, as hard as you try. >> reporter: parker's family became concerned when she failed to show up for work at a restaurant in nearby sanford, florida. the next day her hummer was found at a parking lot in southeast orlando, and three weeks later her iphone was recovered at an orlando lake. a spokesman for the orlando police department says the le
Nov 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
. >> for the over-sharers among us, you'll still get the news. mark just ate an extremely spicy pepper and went to the harry potter amusement park with his dad. there's lots more graphics under "what's important to you?" mark likes lady gaga and epic movies. and finally, there's a sports section. he plays tennis and likes the yankees. but whenever facebook introduces something new, there are always questions about how it protects our personal data. >> sure. >> there's a sense that you, after all this time, aren't always above board and that there's some hidden motive to kind of invade our privacy, take the information, and use it to make money. >> we never sell your information. advertisers who are using the site never get access to your information. >> but the new layout does encourage us to reveal more about ourselves on facebook. the company also introduced a new button where users can tell facebook what they like on over 100,000 sites, whether it's a new pair of jeans or a 60 minutes story. so the company does compile and control an ever-growing inventory of your likes and interests. and if
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)